We’re a compulsively curious and talented team. We’re working every day to scale and provide safe water to more and more people. We will also be growing our team with marketing, sales, manufacturing, operations, international supply chain, and industrial design talent in the near future.

If you’re interested in joining us for a role not listed here, please send your resume and a quick introduction to ask@rorusinc.com. We’ll keep you in mind for the future.

Current Openings

Establish sourcing and manufacturing for new product lines and manage the provision of products for our customers across all sales channels. This role will focus on timely delivery of new products, reducing unit costs, and providing for our irregular demand cycle. 

Required Competencies
(ranked in order of importance) 

  1. Experienced in setting up manufacturing for at least 2 new product designs, with at least one manufactured outside the US.
    1. Expected 10-15 years expereince.
    2. Strict minimum of 5 years of related work experience.
  2. Organized, disciplined, and efficient at creating, using, and maintaining systems for supply chain management.
  3. Reliable and dedicated to every task and responsibility.
  4. Great at verbal and text-based communication. Able to collaborate with the Rorus team, suppliers, and manufacturers. Willing and able to communicate across cultures, timezones, and language barriers.
  5. Experienced in material mechanics through mechanical engineering education or extensive hands-on practice.
  6. Observant and attentive to details.